2007 Honda CR-V License plate 7ZE9YX6

Report run date: May 23, 2007

License plate: 7ZE9YX6

Year: 2007

Make: Honda

Model: CR-V

Vehicle Age: 12

Calculated Owners: 1

Accident check
Reported Accidents: 0
State Title Brand and Other Problem Check
Your vehicle checks out
Odometer check
Your vehicle checks out
Vehicle Use and Event Check
Specific vehicle use(s) or events reported

One Owner

Calculated Owners: 1

2007 Honda CR-V with License plate 7ZE9YX6

Accident Check

Your Vehicle Checks Out: There have been no accidents reported for this 2007 Honda CR-V. AvtoClick receives its accident data from government sources and independent agencies, and based on the information available to us, we have found that no accidents have been reported on this vehicle. Not all accidents or damage events are reported to AvtoClick.

State Title Brand and Other Problem Check

Your Vehicle Checks Out: AvtoClick database for this 2007 Honda CR-V shows no negative titles or other problems. When reported to AvtoClick, these events can indicate serious past damage or other significant problems. Check the Vehicle Use and Event Check for reported accidents that can affect vehicle safety and value.
1 Problem(s) Reported 15 State Title and Other Problem areas checked:
No abandoned record
No damaged or major damage incident record
No fire damaged record
No hail damage record
Grey market record
No insurance loss or probable total loss record
No junk or scrapped record
No manufacturer buyback or lemon record
No odometer problem record
No rebuilt or rebuildable record
No salvage or salvage auction record
No water/flood damaged record
No NHTSA crash test record
No frame or structural damage record
No recycling facility record

Odometer Check

Your Vehicle Checks Out: AvtoClick examined the reported odometer readings reported to AvtoClick for this 2007 Honda CR-V and no indication of an odometer rollback or tampering was found. AvtoClick uses business rules to determine if reported odometer readings are significantly less than previously reported values. Not all reported odometer readings are used. Title and auction events also report odometer tampering or breakage.
0 Problem(s) Reported Mileage: Date Reported:
1930 June 5, 2008
6371 October 18, 2009
16163 March 2, 2011
24588 July 14, 2012
25041 November 26, 2013
27505 April 10, 2015
29343 August 22, 2016
37527 January 3, 2018
37703 May 18, 2019

Vehicle Use and Event Check

Information Reported: AvtoClick shows additional vehicle uses or events reported to AvtoClick for this 2007 Honda CR-V. This includes reported vehicle uses such as rental or lease, and events such as whether the vehicle has been reported to have had a loan/lien or duplicate title issued. Other events show if the vehicle has a reported accident and how many calculated accidents or if it has been reported stolen or repossessed. It is recommended to have pre-owned vehicles inspected by a third party prior to purchase.
1 Event(s) Reported 10 Vehicle uses and events checked:
No fleet use record
No rental use record
No taxi use record
No police use record
No government use record
No driver education record
No accident record reported
No emission inspection record
Safety inspection record(s)
No theft record

Detailed Vehicle History

Below are the historical events for this vehicle listed in chronological order. Any discrepancies will be in bold text.

Report run date: May 23, 2007

Vehicle: 2007 Honda CR-V


One Owner

Calculated Owners: 1

Event Date Event Location Odometer Reading Data Source Event Detail
05/23/2007 WV Motor Vehicle Dept. Title and Registration
09/25/2007 ND Motor Vehicle Dept. Grey Market
06/05/2008 WY 1930 Motor Vehicle Dept. Technical Inspection
10/18/2009 CO 6371 Motor Vehicle Dept. Technical Inspection
03/02/2011 NJ 16163 Motor Vehicle Dept. Technical Inspection
07/14/2012 SC 24588 Motor Vehicle Dept. Technical Inspection
11/26/2013 DE 25041 Motor Vehicle Dept. Technical Inspection
04/10/2015 MO 27505 Motor Vehicle Dept. Technical Inspection
08/22/2016 PA 29343 Motor Vehicle Dept. Technical Inspection
11/24/2017 MT Honda Cars America Certified Pre-owned Vehicle
01/03/2018 AZ 37527 Motor Vehicle Dept. Technical Inspection
05/18/2019 KS Motor Vehicle Dept. Failed Safety Inspection
05/18/2019 KS 37703 Motor Vehicle Dept. Technical Inspection

Serial formats of License plate 7ZE9YX6

7Z  E9YX6
7ZE  9YX6

List of similar license plates

Is It Legal For Me To Do A License Plate Check With Vehicle History?

Yes it is. Various laws including the Freedom of Information Act give people the right to access data collected by the government. This is because the people and equipment used to collect and record the data are paid for with your taxes. Since you paid for the data to be created, the government feels that you own it and should be able to access it.

Beyond that, the government has an interest in cutting down on used car fraud and auto theft. For that reason, they want you to be able to access this information.

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